Contact The Bench Bar Committee

Aloha and welcome to the Maui County Bar Association Bench Bar Committee Intake portal,
for use exclusively by attorneys, judges, and judicial personnel to express any compliments,
suggestions, concerns, and complaints regarding any individual attorneys, judges, and judicial
personnel, as well as related departments, facilities, programs, policies, procedures, events
and administration.

Any contact through the form below is confidential. Both your name and email are optional to
include, although they would be useful if you’d like the Committee to follow up. If you do
provide your information, we will not disclose your identity in any third party contacts.

Please note that the Committee does not have enforcement or otherwise punitive authority.
Any individuals or offices contacted by us are specifically informed that they are under no
obligation to respond or act in any manner, and any failure to do so will not be held against
them. The Committee’s role is to listen to its constituents and convey constructive feedback to
those individuals and offices, for a smoother, more harmonious administration of justice.