Welcome to the Maui County Bar Association

Here at MCBA, we love to serve our beautiful island community, through legal guidance, outreach, and education.

For free legal help, call our Self Help Center (808) 707-7153 any Monday & Thursday from 10 to 1pm, or peruse online our Legal Resources for forms and information.

For guidance in hiring an attorney, visit our Referral Directory
Our Maui County Bar Association Officers and Directors are: Elizabeth Cuccia (President), Yukari Murakami (Vice President), Valerie McKelvey (Secretary),  Lauren Akitake, (Treasurer), Jacob Lowenthal (HSBA Liaison), Damir A. Kouliev  (Immediate Past President),  Magdalena Bajon, Bevanne Bowers, David CainMichael CollinsAnnalisa Lee, Christina LizziLeslee MatthewsSarah Simmons, and Nancy Zhao.
Please email us for comments, questions, as well as Volunteer  and Scholarship opportunities, and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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